It’s time to change the way we think about work.


This is our first blog post as See Change Consulting (formerly corinawalsh.com) and we would like to tell you about our mission. Our mission is to build engaging workplaces where all employees have what they need to thrive in their jobs. Our mission is also to help individuals learn how to love their jobs again and create meaningful careers.


Why is that mission so important?


Right now the statistics on employee engagement are staggering. Research completed on employee engagement rates in Canada and the U.S. state that only 29% of the workforce is engaged. That means that most people are showing up for work but are not happy and as a result not working to their full potential.


We know that people want more than the nine-to-five. They want to feel like their work has meaning and purpose, they want to be recognized for their efforts, and they want the opportunity to grow and learn. When people walk into work everyday they should do so with the feeling that they are contributing to something that is bigger than them. This creates the meaning in our work that we all long for. Every employee should also feel that they are appreciated at work. Even those with the strongest work ethic will become disengaged if they think that no one is noticing their hard work.


How will we do this?


In keeping with our mission we work with businesses of all sizes that want to build a culture of engagement within their companies and want to provide leadership and soft skills development to their employees. We have developed our own employee engagement blueprint. You can download the short version of this blueprint at the bottom of our homepage. In the fall of 2015 I will be releasing my first book based on this blueprint that companies can use as a guide to begin building a culture of engagement.


As a coach and trainer I also provide leadership and soft skills training to employees and teams. The focus of my training is always on building a 21st century skill set that is required to excel in today’s workplace.


And last but not least, I also provide coaching to individuals who are working toward building a more meaningful career. Perhaps your current professional path is no longer fulfilling and you are not sure why or you are struggling to get through a difficult situation at your work. I can help because I have been there.


Head on over to our services page to learn more about how I can help you improve employee engagement, train your employees, foster creative solutions, and build a meaningful career.


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