Women’s Leadership and Career Development

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Get the skills you need to take the lead & advance your career.

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Now more than ever women need a real-world skill-set to take their leadership and their career to the next level. Our Women’s Leadership Program will give you the tangible skills you need to learn how to communicate with greater impact, articulate your highest value so you can be recognized for your contributions, and gain the confidence you need to reach your career and life goals. This program is available as a one-on-one or group coaching program.


Program Outline (A Sample of Leadership Topics):


Topic 1: Busting Career Myths that Hold Women Back                 

Learn about the conditioning and outdated ‘rules’ that keep women playing small and actually work against you in the workplace. Start building the mind-set you need to play a bigger game!


Topic 2: The Power of You – Building Your Personal Brand        

Uncover your unique advantages so you can stand out from the crowd. Create a powerful personal anthem to communicate your highest value and developing your leadership voice!

(Includes a Fascination Advantage Personality Assessment)


Topic 3: Communicating with Power                                                    

Communication skills are highly valued by all employers. In this session women will learn about the many ‘little things’ they say that can reduce their message and minimize their impact at work. Women will also learn how to delegate and give feedback effectively.


Topic 4: The Confidence Equation                                                         

Confidence is a key element for taking your place in a leadership role. Understand all of the different parts of the equation that impact confidence levels, learn how to defeat negative self-talk, unhook from praise and have more certainty when making decisions.


Topic 5: When Bad Things Happen! Finding Resilience After Career Setbacks                                                     
No matter how hard you work bad things can happen. From discrimination to downsizing, you will learn how to build a resilience framework and create a plan so you can maintain your confidence and career in the face of challenges.


You work hard. It’s time to learn how to leverage the skills and abilities you already have so you can play a bigger game!


Benefits of taking this program:


  • Acquire valuable, actionable leadership skills that you need to build your career and take the lead at work;
  • Build a list of your most powerful skills and understand how to maximize their effectiveness;
  • Gain confidence and clarity in your career so you can know exactly what you want and how to get it!
  • Walk away knowing how to have more influence so you can move your ideas and projects forward at work;
  • Learn how to communicate with power so you can have more of an impact at work and lead others more effectively;
  • Build resilience as you learn how to handle challenges and setbacks that have the potential to derail your career;
  • Start building your personal brand to tell your story, be seen as an expert in your field and, set yourself apart from the competition.


Take the leap and invest in your future self.  Build leadership skills and learn how to play a bigger game!


If you have any questions or to enroll in this program please reach out to Corina at corina@shiftpd.com.


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